WSU Real Estate Courses – RE 310

RE 310 – Principles of Real Estate (3 credit hours)

A broad and fun introduction to real estate markets and decision making for students of all backgrounds and career goals. Special emphasis is placed on how individuals and businesses interact with real estate on a daily basis. Topics covered include the legal and physical characteristics of real estate, zoning and other restrictions on land use, urban development and growth patterns, the real estate sales process, mortgage finance, appraisal, business location decisions, and the basics of real estate investment. (Note: non-Barton School students do not need special permission to enroll in this course.)

Prerequisite: Junior standing.

Recent instructors: Dr. Longhofer, Mr. Lewis

Schedule: Offered every semester and many summer terms.

This course may be taken by non-WSU students on a non-credit basis.

Note: Principles of real estate is not pre-approved for real estate licensing purposes. For more information about real estate licensing, visit the careers section of our website or contact the Kansas Real Estate Commission.