Academic Research

The Center is actively involved in promoting high-quality, academic research on topics related to the real estate industry. A sampling of this research can be found here.

How “Fixed” are Fixed Effects? A Novel Approach to Measuring the Value of Location

Authors: Stanley D. Longhofer and Christian L. Redfearn
Current draft: December 2022

Estimating Land Values using Residential Sales Data

Authors: Stanley D. Longhofer and Christian L. Redfearn
Journal of Housing Economics, Vol. 58, Part A, December 2022

Scottish Home Prices: Compatible with Euro Membership

Author: William Miles
European Journal of Comparative Economics, 18(1), 3-22

Land Values and External Obsolescence

Author: Stanley D. Longhofer
The Appraisal Journal, Spring 2021, vol. 89, no. 2, pp. 95-103.

Regional UK House Price Co-Movement

Author: William Miles

Regional Convergence and Structural Change in US Housing Markets

Author: William Miles
Regional Studies, Regional Science, forthcoming.

House Price Convergence in the Euro Zone: A Pairwise Approach

Author: William Miles
Economic Systems, forthcoming

Has the Euro Common Currency Actually Increased Home Price Co-Movement?

Author: William Miles
Journal of Regional Science, 59, 231-261.