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Welcome to the Center for Real Estate Speeches and Presentations Archive.  Below are icons with links to the most recent presentations Dr. Longhofer has given to various business and community groups.  Hover your cursor over an image to see the date and title of the presentation.  If you want to view the presentation (in PDF format), then click on the image to open the file.  A complete list of the CRE presentations that have been given over the last two years is available - with hyperlinks to downloadable PDF versions of the presentations - in the Speeches & Presentations Archive table below.



2015 10/15   Kansas Association of Realtors  2016 Kansas Housing Forecast
  09/15   Kansas Register of Deeds Association  Kansas Economic and Housing Markets Update
  08/27   Kansas Housing Conference   Kansas Economic and Housing Markets Update 
  05/21   Financial Planning Association of Kansas   Where Do We Go from Here?
   Interest Rates in the Post-Crisis Economy
  04/15   Wichita Bar Association Real Estate Committee   Wichita Economic and Real Estate Update
  03/04   South Central Kansas Prosperity Plan   South Central Kansas Housing Markets:
   Prospects for 2015
  01/15   Mortgage Bankers Association of Kansas City  Economic Outlook for Housing Markets in 2015

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