Economics with an Emphasis in Real Estate

Real Estate and Land Use Economics

This program is designed to serve the needs of students interested in the broader conceptual and policy issues associated with real estate and land use. With its solid foundation in economic theory, this degree option is ideal for those desiring a career in public administration or those considering continuing their real estate studies in graduate school.

A Major in Economics with an Emphasis in Real Estate requires 24 hours beyond the College of Business core as follows:

Required courses (12 hours)

ECON 301 – Intermediate Macroeconomics 3 hours
ECON 302 – Intermediate Microeconomics 3 hours
RE 310 – Principles of Real Estate 3 hours
One of the following:
ECON 340 – Money and Banking 3 hours
RE 709 – Urban Economics (cross listed as ECON 709) 3 hours

Electives (12 hours)*

Twelve hours of upper-division (300 or above) Economics or Real Estate courses

* No more than 3 credit hours of RE 481 (cooperative education) may be used to satisfy the elective component of this degree.

Note: Of the 24 hours required for the Economics-Real Estate major, twelve must come from Economics courses and twelve must come from Real Estate courses; Urban Economics (RE 709/ECON 709) may be counted as either an Economics or Real Estate course. 

Model programs (degree completion plans) and course check sheets for all degrees in the Barton School can be found on the Barton School Advising Center website.