WSU Real Estate Courses – RE 481

Real estate is a hands-on business. While the courses offered at WSU provide students with the technical knowledge necessary for a solid start in the profession, there is no substitute for practical experience. That is why we encourage all our students to take advantage of the numerous internship and part-time job opportunities available at local real estate firms.

In additional to gaining invaluable real-world experience in their chosen fields, students can earn credit toward their real estate degrees through the cooperative education program. Contact the WSU Cooperative Education office to find out more.

RE 481 – Cooperative Education (1-3 credit hours)

An academic program that expands a student’s learning experiences through paid employment in a supervised educational work setting related to the student’s major field of study or career focus. Repeatable for credit. Graded Cr/NCr.

Prerequisites: Qualifying employment, departmental consent, junior standing, advanced standing, 2.250 GPA.

Schedule: Offered every semester and summer term.