Walter & Betty Stauffer Scholarship

The Walter & Betty Stauffer Scholarship supports a student, regardless of financial need, in their studies of real estate and land use economics. The fund was established in 1986 with an initial gift from Mrs. Walter L. Stauffer in honor of her husband. Scholarship applications are typically due by mid-February each year.

Scholarship guidelines:

  1. A scholarship will be awarded annually to a student enrolled full or part time at Wichita State University, W. Frank Barton School of Business, in the Department of Finance, Real Estate & Decision Sciences.
  2. No recipient will be excluded from consideration based on race, religion, color, national origin, gender, age, sexual orientation, marital status, status as a veteran or disability.
  3. Recipient should demonstrate an interest in pursuing a major with an emphasis in real estate and land use economics.
  4. Consideration will be given to high school performance, college potential and leadership qualities.
  5. Award will be made without regard to financial need.
  6. Preference should be given to students from the State of Kansas.
  7. The Scholarship Office, a department within the Division of Student Affairs of Wichita State University, will administer the scholarship and make the award based on the recommendation submitted by the real estate area of the Department of Finance, Real Estate and Decision Science.
  8. The scholarship is renewable if the student maintains satisfactory academic progress.
  9. It is not mandatory that students repay their scholarship grant, however, recipients should consider the privilege of making contributions to help in the perpetuation of this scholarship fund whenever possible, in gratitude so that others who follow have the same opportunity to use this fund.

To apply for a real estate scholarship at WSU, visit the Barton School of Business home page and download the General Business School Scholarship Application form.